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US Consumer Attorneys

US Consumer Attorneys Review

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Founded in 2014, US Consumer Attorneys is a timeshare cancellation company with multiple affiliate offices. The headquarters of the company is in San Diego, CA. Their affiliate offices are all over the United States and Mexico.


The company claims to have a “group of affiliated attorneys dedicated to protecting consumers from the unfair practices of timeshare companies.” They also have “experienced, knowledgeable attorneys and intake managers” who make their work easy.


The company has expert in-house attorneys. There are two lawyers, Jeffrey I. Pitegoff and W. Lee Biddle, mentioned on their homepage. These are the names of two lawyers with excellent reputations. It is important to confirm that timeshare exit companies have actual legal representatives. Some of them create the impression of being law firms when they are not.


  • Credible Legal Representation
  • Refund Policy
  • Works with Attorneys
  • Affordable Timeshare Cancellation Services
  • Free Consultation

US Consumer Attorneys Timeshare Cancellation

  • Guarantee of Service Satisfaction


US Consumer Attorneys has a “satisfaction guarantee.” and they agree to return your money if your timeshare cancellation isn’t done within a year. That sounds like a good deal, but there is the possibility of the company going bankrupt. It is also rare for companies to fulfill their money-back guarantee promise. We do not recommend this.


In addition, the company offers a free consultation to prospective clients, which is a good way to find the right timeshare cancellation company. After supplying the required information, you will be assigned an expert who will walk you through the cancellation process. You will then decide whether you want to hire the company or not.

US Consumer Attorneys Cost & Fees

Typically, Timeshare cancellation companies don’t display the cost of their services on their website. We got an idea of the cost and fees by looking through a few complaints on BBB. Some customers said they paid $5,000 to get US Consumer Attorneys’ service. While it’s unclear exactly how much US Customer Attorneys’ charges, we understand that the fee is determined by the nature of the timeshare contract involved.

US Consumer Attorneys Reviews

Responsive Customer Service

We found some complaints on BBB – all of which have been addressed and resolved by the company. This is reflects well on the company, particularly because most timeshare cancellation companies do not attend to issues raised by their clients.

Refund Policy

US Consumer Attorneys offers a money-back guarantee if your timeshare issue isn’t solved in 12 months. This is another reason why you might consider working with US Consumer Attorneys. However, a timeshare company that doesn’t require an upfront payment is your best bet.

US Consumer Attorneys Ratings

Comments on the company’s review page show that most customers are satisfied with US Consumer Attorneys’ service. However, we cannot attest to the sincerity of the reviews given that companies now pay individuals to say good things about their services.

While we cannot guarantee that reviews on the company’s website are genuine, we can confirm that those on credible platforms like Better Business Bureau cannot be influenced. US Consumer Attorneys has an A- point with the BBB.

Below is a breakdown of the US Consumer Attorneys reviews across platform:


Total: 75 reviews

25 complaints that were resolved by the company


The reviews on Yelp do not present US Consumer Attorneys in a good light. Customers accused the company of not offering the services they paid for alleged that the company failed to keep in touch with them. This is only one side of the story, however, and there is no way of telling what went wrong.


The 7 reviews on repdigger are all complaints about the conduct of the company.


Revdex has 126 reviews by customers of US Consumer Attorneys. It is a mix of positive and negative reviews.


No reviews yet.

US Consumer Attorneys Scam

The company seems to be backed by two well-known attorneys (Jeffrey I. Pitegoff and W. Lee Biddle). This is a clear sign that the company is not a scam although their diligence could be questioned based on the customer reviews. We recommend you do some background research yourself about the company before deciding to hire the company.


We hope this review will help you make the right choice of a timeshare cancellation company. Want to ask some questions not answered in the article? Contact us.

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